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Clackamas County Relief Nursery

Family Stepping Stones mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect through early intervention efforts that focus on developing and supporting children, strengthening parents and preserving the family by working with families to stay safe, together and thriving. Family Stepping Stones provides therapeutic childhood development services for children and comprehensive family support.

Learning and positive change occurs best within an environment that is respectful, informed, removes barriers, and provides a consistent, strengths-based approach.

What is a Relief Nursery?

A relief nursery is a nationally recognized non-profit model proven to protect young children and to strengthen high-risk, multi-stressed families. Supported by private and public partnerships, it gains its strength through community involvement, financial donations and volunteers.

There is an urgent need to intervene as early as possible. Although only 40 percent of a child’s brain is developed at birth, it is 80 percent developed by age three. When a child experiences a consistent stressful condition, brain development is significantly impacted for life. This cannot be reversed and can lead to lifetime challenges that affect another generation.

An investment in Family Stepping Stones Relief Nursery is good not only for the families it serves, it is also a good investment in our community’s overall social and economic health. This graph shows statistics from the Oregon Department of Human Services 2001 report Status of Children.

Family Stepping Stones Relief Nursery serves families in Clackamas County who have children aged six weeks to three years old and who face challenges that may affect the health or safety of children or the family’s ability to stay together. We support children and families by providing: