Are you planning your next escape to Paris but feel like the prices of the hotel rooms are way beyond what you could afford? Or perhaps you have enough money to indulge in an unforgettable vacation abroad, but wouldn’t like to spend them all on accommodation? After all, this magical metropolis is a well known cultural, artistic and culinary destination so there are plenty of things that you can do once you’re there. So what about the accommodation? You have to stay somewhere and if you are a quality oriented person, finding that middle ground with great value for the money is quite hard. But not in Paris and not anymore! You just have to discover a little trick that we will show in full detail below: finding Paris luxury apartments for rent! Indeed, this housing option mixes the best of both worlds- the affordability level that everyone is comfortable with and the chic and opulence of a great city like Paris which should never be seen from a small and tiny hotel room. To find out more about tracking down the best luxury apartments in Paris and the benefits that they offer clients, keep reading this article.

Try one of the many amazing deluxe apartments that Paris has to offer right away if you want to benefit from great last minute offers. If you thought that last minute packages are something that only hotels have to offer then you are wrong since these accommodation alternatives have equally, if not exceedingly better, offers for travelers who decide quickly. Getting 30% off is not uncommon and this is only one of the reasons why this solution trumps any other.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy all of the great aspects of staying at a four or five star hotel without experiencing any of the disadvantages. And those who say that there are no downsides to hotels have obviously never traveled more than once! Boredom and exaggerated consistency are attributes of the traditional rooms that big chains offer and they also represent elements are true hearted voyager should avoid. You will never feel the real vibe of a city from a standard room but you can surely feel like a true Parisian resident from a deluxe apartment that someone actually lives in! Someone from Paris, someone who lives there and has decorated the place like the locals do! What can be more authentic than that?

Lastly, you should also know that a stay at a top rental apartment comes with all of the perks you would expect: soft and clean towels, toiletries, body products and even welcome gifts for guests. Get the royal treatment without spending a small fortune and you will never regret your decision. Who knows, maybe you will come back again or spend more days in the city given the fact that the housing costs so low. With so much diversity in terms of interior design, you can choose something different every time and get to know the heart of the city in a more personal and profound way.