There comes a time in your life, when your body cannot do all the activities you done when you were young. At this moment, you ask yourself if you should give up of all your hobbies, and stay home watching TV. No this is not the way, you should change your mind, because you still have plenty of activities you can do. Yes, your body is slower now, but this does not mean that you cannot play football anymore. You should only opt for the 5 aside football, because in this way you can play with your friends, and because you are fewer on the field, you decrease the risk of getting injured. Just because you have aches and pains, you should not stay at home, you should get up and practice sport, because in this way you help your muscles maintain their health.

When do people start having doubts?

The majority of people start having doubts when they start noticing things. They no longer have the strength to hold off the defender, and they do not like to go out for a drink after the game. This is the moment when you start asking yourself if you are too old to play 5-side football. Well, you are not, because even if your preferences changed, and now you do not want to go for a drink, you still want to meet your friends and play football together, only that you have to do it slower.

You should get rid of negative thoughts

You should not see the situation in black and white. You should have perspective. Only because you have realised that you are not as young as you were once, it does not mean that you live no longer. This is the time of your life when you have the possibility to enjoy playing 5-aside football more than ever, because you have a lot of free time. This sport comes with many mental and physical benefits, and you should include it in your daily routine.

People in their late 30s can have an active life

This is the age when you start confronting the issues of getting older. But, you should get rid of this idea. You should not give up doing the things you like, and if you want to play 5-side and drive sports cars, then the age should not be the problem for you. Now you afford to do all the things you want.