Buying a car requires you to do a lot of research and to think carefully about your needs. However, with so many models that you can come across on the market, it might be more difficult to decide than you have thought. If you are looking for a family car, then perhaps you should consider the Toyota Prius. In Edmunds opinion, the 2017 Toyota Prius is a great option, being spacious and quite affordable. Here are the pros of purchasing this particular vehicle:


Chic design

Let’s face it, when purchasing a car, the first thing you will probably be looking at is the car’s appearance. Well, once you get a look at this model, you will certainly notice that its appearance is an attention-grabbing one. The chic design is certainly satisfactory for those who love cars, so if you were searching for a great car style, you will most definitely like this option.

Great safety rating

Safety features are probably an important selection factor for you, when looking to buy a car. Well, if you research more technical details about the Toyota Prius, you will learn that is has an outstanding safety rating. After the standard crash test, this model has earned five stars for safety, being recognized as a top safety pick. Cruise control, forward collision alert and the backup camera are just a few of the features that make this vehicle such a great choice.


Because you are buying this car not only for yourself, but for your entire family as well, you need to make sure it is spacious enough for all members to sit comfortably. The Prius is known for its spacious interior design, providing enough room for a family of four. Moreover, in the cargo area, you will have more than 25 cubic feet of space, which is a plus, when traveling. If you analyze each aspect, you will conclude that this car has it all.

If you were looking for a vehicle that is excellent in terms of performance and technology, but also spacious enough for you and your entire family, then the Toyota Prius is certainly an option that will not disappoint you. Considering the pros of purchasing this type of car, perhaps you will give this model more thought. You can even read reviews on the internet, which will tell you the same thing – that a Prius is worth every penny spent.