Tips to claim R & D tax credits – experts’ recommendations

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Tips to claim R & D tax credits – experts’ recommendations


To those who are not familiar with this term, Research and Development tax credit claim, or shortly known as R&D, is one very good method through which company owners can reduce tax liability. Due to the great advantages it brings, many companies either don’t know about it, or don’t know they can benefit from it, which is why this tax is highly underused. If you plan to claim R & D tax credits for your company, you should first consider these expert tips.

Get well informed

There may be many reasons why R & D tax credits are so under-claimed, but probably the most common one is that people don’t get well informed on everything related to liability and taxes (and this implies not only the ones they have to pay, but also the ones they can get refunds on). When owning a company, regardless of the industry of operation, it is essential to know what taxes you have to pay, which ones you are not obliged to pay and on which ones you can get a refund.

Keep up with the changes

Even when you think you know everything about R & D tax credits, you don’t. The government may find something to change related to terms and regulations regarding these tax credits, which means that you always have to keep an eye on these changes. Staying updated saves you a great deal of time and effort, because this way you know exactly what steps to follow when engaging in the process of claiming your tax credits.

Prepare the documentation

According to experts, documentation is the most important part in the application process for your R & D. It’s considered a key value-add from many perspectives, such as business continuity, IP generation or even sound management practice. It is recommended that this documentation contains details of project planning and tracking, as well as project time recording functions. This way, you increase chances to obtain a higher refund out of this application.

Don’t forget there’s a deadline!

One of the things worth remembering is that there is a deadline you mustn’t miss out if you want to make an R & D claim. Keep in mind that this claim should be filed within no more than twelve months of the end of you company’s accounting period. Also, the R & D costs should have incurred during the same period. If these twelve months passed, there’s no scope or meaning to make a claim anymore, nor even to increase an existing one.

Hire some professionals

It is important to note that there are companies that provide professional services to those who want to apply for R & D tax credits claim and don’t know what steps to follow. These companies will not only guide their steps, but will also offer expert help in order for those companies to obtain the maximum sum of money they are entitled to. The main goal of tax credit experts is to ensure companies are rewarded for their innovation.

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Things to consider before riding a boat with your family 

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Things to consider before riding a boat with your family 


Many families love boat trips, as they can spend time together enjoying the sun, water and relaxation. This could be a great activity, as long as you follow some steps in order to prevent any unhappy incidents. Here is what you need to consider before riding a boat with your family.

Consider replacing exhaust manifolds

Manifolds are the consumables of your boat and their corrosion can be harmful, destroying the engine. Exhaust manifolds carry hot gasses from the engine to the inboard engines. They could fail sometimes, because of the hot gas that contains acids and because of the salt water that is left for a long time eating the metal. If you have any signs of concern, you could count on Mercruiser manifold applications that can solve these problems. It is very important to replace them before they fail in order to prevent any unpleasant incidents.

Check the weather

It is important to take care of this aspect, as rain or wind can destroy anybody’s mood. Make sure you take your time to check the local weather predictions before taking your family on the boat. The internet, the TV or the radio can be perfect sources of information. It is preferable to check more sources to be sure that the weather predictions are accurate. If the weather will not be favorable, maybe you should choose another time to ride your boat with your family.

Consider a boating course

This is essential in knowing the safety rules of operation. It is important to be prepared and to know what to do in case something happens. Even if you are attentive and careful, some professional tips and pieces of information are very useful, especially that you will take your family with you. It is preferable to know how to swim, and if you are a beginner in this field, you could consider taking some swimming classes.

You have to know your boat

It will give you confidence and you will know how to use it in a relaxed and safe way. It is equally important as knowing your own car. In addition, you should also know the area where you navigate, such as waterways, channels and ports.  It is essential to know where the dangerous areas are, in order to avoid them and memorize marks and safe channel points. This will all make your sailing fun and safe, while your entire family will enjoy it.

 How to prevent seasickness

Many people deal with seasickness, and this unpleasant element can ruin everybody’s mood. It is important to know how to prevent it, and you can do it, as long as you follow some steps. It is recommended to avoid drinking caffeine at least 24 hours before riding the boat. Caffeine can cause headaches, which are very unpleasant in a moment like this. Avoid alcohol and heavy food. Drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration and eat light aliments like cereals, biscuits or cookies.

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Fun things to do with your children on vacation

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Fun things to do with your children on vacation


Family holidays are great because you can relax and get away from the daily routine while you spend quality time with your children. When choosing the holiday destination, it is important to include places that will make your children have a good time and this is why you have to take your time and plan an itinerary. Here are some interesting places that will guarantee the amusement of you and your kids.

Choose a theme park

Most of the children love amusement parks, as they have the chance to ride all kind of carousels, go in montagne-rousses and see their favourite characters. They are the best alternative for both adults and kids to have a good time.  Paulton’s Park is one of the biggest amusement parks in the U.K. and it is located in the village of Ower, Hampshire. It has seventy attractions and rides and there is The Peppa Pig World theme park area which is based on the cartoon’s character. It is a happy place where you and your children can have a lot of fun.  If you want to be close to the park, you can choose one of the best hotels near Paultons Park and you can go there more often.

Go to a swimming pool

Swimming is a great activity, especially in the summer. It is refreshing and also very healthy for people of all ages, as you have the chance to put in operation all the muscle groups. Going with your family at a swimming pool would be another great idea. The biggest advantage of doing this is that you can spend the whole day out there and not get bored.  You can opt for a water park, where you and your little ones can have fun with different water slides.

Visit a Safari Park

Animals, especially the wild ones, attract many children. They are curious about them especially at an age when they discover new things. Visiting a Safari Park is a great opportunity for you and your children to see wild animals like lions, elephants, giraffes and many other species in a natural, open environment. A safari park is very safe, so you do not have to worry about that, just relax and enjoy the view. You can have nice meals in restaurants that offer a great variety of food and drinks.

Vacations are a good opportunity to explore nature

There is no better opportunity to be in touch with nature than a holiday. If you live in a crowded city, the best way to relax and reconnect is to lay aside the bustle and noise of the city and explore nature. You can take your family and go for a tent vacation. Your children will love it, especially that they will have plenty of space to play, run and waste their energy. It is also important for them and for you to breathe fresh air. Another alternative would be to choose a nice, quiet park and go for a picnic in the middle of nature. You won’t have to spend much money and you will surely have fun.


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Extravagant items every woman should have to achieve a bold look

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Extravagant items every woman should have to achieve a bold look


When it comes to fashion, every woman tries to find a connection between her style and her personality. Fashion is the best way to represent yourself, because it gives details about you and your individuality as everything is reflected in the way you dress. If you are a courageous woman, who is not afraid to give up on an ordinary look, here are some accessories that you must have for a bold appearance.

Accessories – the details that makes the difference

No outfit, no matter how well you plan it is complete without accessories. They are the splash of color you can add when you wear dark colored clothes, and can turn even the dullest outfit into an interesting one. If you love the biker look, a biker silver bracelet is the perfect item that emphasizes your outfit. It is a versatile accessory that you can wear with a dress, or that you can include to complete an everyday outfit, being perfectly combined with jeans and a gothic t-shirt. Therefore, you can wear it when you go to a fancy party or when you go out with you friends to chill.

Necklaces are necessary items every woman should have

Not all women love flowers, diaphanous dresses and high heels. Many of them love to adopt a Gothic style, for example. Even if you like this kind of style, necklaces are necessary. For example, a skull mens necklace is the perfect item that emphasizes the rebellious side of you and gives you confidence wherever you wear it. It is a bold piece of jewelry fit for a powerful woman who is not afraid to include skulls in her outfits.

Let’s not forget about the leather

Every rebel girl should include leather in her wardrobe. Leather is a versatile fabric not only used for jackets and trousers. Almost every type of jewelry can be made of leather, from earrings to bracelets. Whether you wear a massive bracelet, or a long necklace with fringes, these items will always help you complete an interesting and original look. They can be combined with cocktail dresses or jeans.

Add corsets in your wardrobe

Nowadays, corsets can be successfully worn over clothes, rather than under them, as it used to be. You can wear a black leather corset over a t-shirt and combine them with jeans or wear a lace one in combination with a dress. They are available in different colors, fabrics and designs and you can choose whatever suits you best. Corsets are an original piece of clothing that will surely help you in having an original, bold look.

Cuff lace bracelets for a unique outfit

Do not be afraid of wearing cuff lace bracelets, as they will never make your outfit boring. They are the perfect accessory for an elegant Gothic look, being successfully combined with a dress. Their size can vary, so for a spectacular appearance you can wear this type of bracelet up to the elbow. They can be adorned with different gemstones, strings and even cameos.













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Follow this guide if you are left jobless in France

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Follow this guide if you are left jobless in France

In today’s world, having a job is a necessity if you want to have a good life. However, due to various reasons, it may happen sometimes that you are fired, or left without a job, which can be quite frustrating. Well, not if you are residing in France. Here, the government tries to help those that are jobless and those that are in low-income jobs through their National Insurance program, which provides residents with many unemployment benefits that are supposed to support the family until the unemployed person finds a new job. Here’s what you have to do if you are left jobless in France.


First stop – Pôle emploi

Yes, everyone agrees that having no job is something that makes you feel anxious, frustrated and desperate, especially if you have a family and children you need to take care of. However, even in such situations you need to pull yourself together and to learn more about the benefits unemployed people have in France. The first stop in this process is Pôle emploi. Seek for the closest one in your region, call the numero ANPE Seine Saint Denis to learn more about the working hours or other details you may be interested in and go there, because they will help you find a new job. This step should be done as soon as possible once you are left jobless, because the sooner you receive unemployment benefits and are on the process of finding a new job, the better it will be for both you and your family. Visit the dedicated site first and register online by filling in a short questionnaire. Do not forget to print a copy of your registration form and renew it every month. If you are an expat or a foreigner relocated in France, you must go to a qualified institution before registration, because you need to undergo a process of transfer of rights purposes.

Once you are found eligible, file your claim

It is essential first that you check to see if you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits and the right place to find out more about this aspect is at Pôle emploi. Once you are sure you meet the specific selection criteria and you receive approval, it is time you submitted your claim. From now on, the process is straightforward and you have two options available to choose: complete it online or contact the job centre via their phone number. Someone will assist you throughout this process and will provide useful information in order to help you improve your search skills and find the perfect job for you. Check to see if you have all the necessary documents with you when you go to submit your application and then wait. The process usually takes time, so do not get panicked if you do not receive an answer within the following days after your application.

It is also important that you attend the review meetings following the application process. There you will meet with an adviser, who will significantly improve your chances of getting back in the field and obtaining a new job.

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Why buying designer furniture for kids’ room is worth the investment

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Why buying designer furniture for kids’ room is worth the investment

Decorating a child’s room is one of the most difficult tasks for parents, because there are many aspects that need to be considered. While some people are of the opinion that it is best to buy second hand furniture for the children’s rooms, experts strongly advise parents to opt for a much safer and more comfortable solution and to invest in designer childrens furniture and here are the main reasons why.


It is specifically designed for you

You have spent a great deal of time on the Internet searching again and again for the perfect pieces of furniture to install in the children’s room, but you just couldn’t find the right ones to fit your criteria. This is actually one of the reasons why designer furniture is a great option – you benefit from furniture that is tailored to your requirements and needs. You will have a unique item that everyone will appreciate, especially your child.

Higher quality

Another very good reason why designer furniture makes for a perfect investment on the long-term is related to quality. Buying second hand furniture for example may be a lot more cost-effective than buying brand new items, but there are certain risks that come with this purchase and one of them is related to safety. By buying designer furniture from brands such as Green Cathedral, or Hobbe for instance, you are ensured that the materials used in the manufacturing process are of the highest quality, compared to the majority of mass-produced goods.

The emotional connection

Going for custom-made furniture automatically implies meaning and sentimentality. There is the emotional connection that will make that item more special to you and your child, especially when they grow up. After all, investing in designer furniture is more than decorating the room with pieces that cannot be found on the market. It is an investment in a story and piece that can be passed down to future generations.

Go for online shopping

There are many furniture stores that sell their products and services on the Internet, so start with some online research and look for a professional and trust-worthy provider. Shopping for designer furniture online comes with a series of benefits and one of them is related to comfort. It is a lot more comfortable and accessible to search on the Internet for the pieces of furniture that best fit your needs, rather than wandering the entire city and visiting all possible furniture stores in the neighbourhood. Also, it saves you a lot more time. You can find the perfect furniture for your children’s room simply by doing a few clicks, effortlessly and efficiently. What is more, in case you are interested in designer furniture, you can contact various companies via phone or email, request a quote and select the one that matches with your needs and budget.

All things considered, these are the main reasons why purchasing designer furniture for the children’s room is worth the investment. Keep in mind that to benefit from the desired results, it is recommended to go for top quality products.

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