Easy DIY projects are a good way of repurposing old items, and saving the planet at the same time. When it comes to copper recycling, either you can take it to a recycling company or you can make your house look impressive with different bits and pieces easy you can find in every corner of your house. Projects of this type are a great way to give your house a fresh look and if you have children, teach them a lesson about environment matters and the importance of recycling. Moreover, you will save some money, because these type of decorative items are quite expensive if you choose to order them. Instead, get your toolbox and start a new project every day!

1. Make a gorgeous side table

It might sound intimidating and quite complicated to start a project of this kind, but it is perfect for those who ordered maybe a little too much copper pipes with a previous occasion. Besides of that copper pipe, you are going to need a slice of wood, screws and a screwdriver and a saddle clip. The more irregular the slice of wood is, the more impressive your side table is going to look. It will represent the top of the table, and the pipe, cut in three equal parts, its legs. Mark 3 spots on your wood slice. Slightly bend the pipes at one end and carefully screw them in place. Ta-daa! A five-minute practical and beautiful project made out of what others might think about as garbage.

2. Use copper caps is different sizes for reusable candle holders

Get yourself some copper caps in different sizes and some DIY candle supplies (candle wax, wicks and different fragrances). Use the easy step-by-step instructions available on the web for DIY candles and place them in those caps. Instead of spending big money on such items, you managed to do a similar one by using what you had on hand. Congrats!

3. Desk organizers for your children

Don’t throw those old copper cans. Hot glue some of those together and add beautiful labels on them. Hand written or printed, they will keep your children’s desks tidy and clean. Each of them will have a pen organizer. This way, you will be sure no fights over desks organizers will appear in the near future. A good idea would be to teach them to make their own and increase their practical skills.

4. Air planters for impressive living rooms

We know you drooled a while over those expensive copper air planters you can find on Etsy. Instead of spending big money on them, try to make some yourself. Hot glue three 3/4” copper couplings on a piece of leather, place some air plants inside those couplings, and place your decoration on the wall. Mission accomplished!

Here are only a few ways you can use scrap cooper to decorate your house. These projects are easy and fun to do and they require a minimum amount of time.