When it comes to Christmas decorations, you do not have to wander the stores and buy the same boring and inexpressive products like everyone else. Instead, use your time and imagination in order to create personalized elements and make both the interior and exterior of your home stand out from the rest. Draw inspiration from the winter season with his white snowflakes, the still atmosphere, the naked trees, the roaring fireplaces, the intoxicating smells, the Christmas trees and the presents. Use minimal accessories like Christmas ribbons in order to enhance plain items and areas of your home and garden.


Decorate the interiors of your home

Think outside the box and transform common objects into pieces of art by making unusual combinations. For instance, candles give a sense of peacefulness and warmth so you should not hold back when it comes to filling the rooms with these elements. Do not use the same types of ribbons for accessorizing. Try various materials including lace, silk, organza and satin and wrap them around candle holders. Write positive messages on small wooden signs like “Joy to the world” or “Believe in the magic of Christmas” and hang them on the doors or walls using colorful ribbons with intricate patterns and designs. If you want to go over the top, you can even draw on the walls or paint on the dining table wintry sceneries. Speaking of the dining table, feel free to wrap elegant ribbons around the chairs. Wreaths and garlands should not miss from your home so make sure that you handmade several models by adding flowers and ribbons and hang them in your home. You can even create flowers from ribbons so put your skills to the test and attempt to make  roses using red, white or pink ribbons and put them in glass bowls for a dainty look.

Transform the surroundings of your house

During the winter season, the surroundings of your house are covered in white due to heavy snow. The scenery seems a little bleak and you can make it livelier by adding certain decoration elements. Start by adding two small Christmas trees in front of your door and embellish them with ribbons, lights and pinecones. The second option is to form a bouquet out of boughs, enhance them with sparkly golden ribbons and place them in a large basket. Add red and white ribbons to Christmas lanterns and place them in front of your windows or throughout the garden because it will lighten the night. You can even make snowflakes from white or silver ribbons, tie them together in order to obtain garlands and decorate the fence, the windows or the exterior of your house.