Although having a dental implant is somewhat a long process, after the healing period and installation on the new tooth, it will provide the patient a number of aesthetic and functional benefits. Implants can compensate lost teeth due to a number of factors and events, help support the natural structure of the jawbone and offer the bite force that might be lost in certain medical conditions. However, this type of treatment always has an excellent outcome, only professional technicians being able to perform these interventions, all requiring a dentistry faculty degree. Clinics do not lack those professionals, however, Woodbridge dental clinic being a great example in terms of performance. Below are some certain situations in which the best intervention for one’s dental health is a dental surgery for implants.


You are missing teeth

Although this is self-explanatory, some let problems like these control their lives and never take action. Not only patients missing one or more teeth suffer from the great disadvantage of not being able to properly masticate, but the effects are seen in gums as well. Food particles oftentimes get stuck between them and cause gum infections, which easily spread in the entire blood flow. A gum or dental infection has great repercussions especially on pregnant women. Missing teeth are not only an effect of age, but also of accidents. Children and adolescents can lose teeth as well.

You are using removable denture

Removable denture in uncomfortable devices designed in order to replace one’s missing teeth. Food oftentimes gets stuck between gums and the removable devices and creates the environment for bacteria to develop. Having dental surgery for creating an artificial permanent tooth can help a lot, patients getting rid of the entire process of placing and removing dental devices. Besides the lack of comfort, patients having those also complain about social anxiety because of the constant fear of dropping them in the in public and being embarrassed by this unfortunate event.

Adolescents can benefits from dental implants as well

As previously mentioned, loosing teeth is not a matter of age. Accidents leading to them occur even in young childhood, and cause a lot of discomfort for young patients. Besides practical aspects, a dental implant, obligatory performed only after the jawbone structure reaches its final stage, might help young patients overcome self-esteem and confidence issues generated by the lack of one or multiple teeth. The recommended age for performing a dental implant varies depending on the age. Girls can have them after 16 years old and boys after 18 years old. If practiced previously, their still growing jawbone might endanger the success of the intervention as well as the general oral health.

As you can see, depending on each case, a dental surgeon might or might not recommend a dental implant. Always consult previously a reputable dental surgeon and see what their recommendations are. Moreover, if you pay your clinic a visit periodically, they may detect issues from an incipient stage and act before is too late.