In today’s world, having a job is a necessity if you want to have a good life. However, due to various reasons, it may happen sometimes that you are fired, or left without a job, which can be quite frustrating. Well, not if you are residing in France. Here, the government tries to help those that are jobless and those that are in low-income jobs through their National Insurance program, which provides residents with many unemployment benefits that are supposed to support the family until the unemployed person finds a new job. Here’s what you have to do if you are left jobless in France.


First stop – Pôle emploi

Yes, everyone agrees that having no job is something that makes you feel anxious, frustrated and desperate, especially if you have a family and children you need to take care of. However, even in such situations you need to pull yourself together and to learn more about the benefits unemployed people have in France. The first stop in this process is Pôle emploi. Seek for the closest one in your region, call the numero ANPE Seine Saint Denis to learn more about the working hours or other details you may be interested in and go there, because they will help you find a new job. This step should be done as soon as possible once you are left jobless, because the sooner you receive unemployment benefits and are on the process of finding a new job, the better it will be for both you and your family. Visit the dedicated site first and register online by filling in a short questionnaire. Do not forget to print a copy of your registration form and renew it every month. If you are an expat or a foreigner relocated in France, you must go to a qualified institution before registration, because you need to undergo a process of transfer of rights purposes.

Once you are found eligible, file your claim

It is essential first that you check to see if you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits and the right place to find out more about this aspect is at Pôle emploi. Once you are sure you meet the specific selection criteria and you receive approval, it is time you submitted your claim. From now on, the process is straightforward and you have two options available to choose: complete it online or contact the job centre via their phone number. Someone will assist you throughout this process and will provide useful information in order to help you improve your search skills and find the perfect job for you. Check to see if you have all the necessary documents with you when you go to submit your application and then wait. The process usually takes time, so do not get panicked if you do not receive an answer within the following days after your application.

It is also important that you attend the review meetings following the application process. There you will meet with an adviser, who will significantly improve your chances of getting back in the field and obtaining a new job.