Designing a bathroom can get quite tricky without the help of professionals. This is why you should inform yourself about design offer that you can find around the market. If you are interested in selecting someone to take care of your room design, then you should check this out and look for the services they are providing. Yet, there are certain factors you will want to take into account before deciding how your bathroom should look like in the end. Here are some of them:

Planning electrical outlets

Before starting to finish the walls and place the furniture items all over, you need to think twice about where you are going to need electrical outlets. The bathroom is the place where you usually get ready and that means you are going to need some sockets for your electrical devices. One of the outlets should be placed near the sink (try measuring right from the edge of the counter/the sink basin). This will allow you to use your devices in front of the mirror without any risk for water to get in. The lighting systems shouldn’t be intersecting with the bathtub rim. Of course, every bathroom should have minimum one wall-mounted light switch either outside or inside the entrance.

Smart design rules

There are some design rules that could help you decide how your bathroom should look like. Putting every item together might sound like an easy task to handle, but if you are not following some basic rules, it might look odd when finished. With small bathrooms, try using large mirrors and pedestal sink to create the illusion of bigger space. If you have a lot of room to cover, try placing a double sink on top of a counter at a reasonable distance. Accessories will occupy the rest of the free space. Every skinny shelve you want to place as an extra storage space should be positioned in the corners of the room. Try keeping in mind colour palettes and materials too. Matching them will get the best results for your home.


Besides looking good, a bathroom design should be efficient. Taking advantage of the space between wall studs can be done with the help of tall storage cabinets embedded into the wall. This is a little bit complicated to do, but it will save you a lot of space. Plus, it gives a nice aesthetic touch to your room. Try not to block the door in any way and make sure you have enough space to move around without any trouble.


Stick on your budget no matter what. After all, a bathroom should only meet the needs you want to fulfil. A smart design is what you should strive for, considering the dimensions of your room and the style you want to obtain when everything is set and sound. A lower budget means more thinking and strategy. With a bigger budget, try not overdoing your bathroom. Know your limits and go for the best option for you and your family. Either way, the results will be great.