During holiday season, all the family members gather in one place, because this is the perfect opportunity to catch up, and spend time together. This is the time of the year when the majority of people have some free time, and they choose to come home and stay together with their loved ones, rather than travelling to an exotic place. But, because there are people of different ages in the same place, they might find difficult to find a common subject on which to talk, and this might lead to moments when silence takes over the room. In this case, you can be the one who entertains your family, and helps them find a way to re-connect. One way of doing this would be to tell them jokes about the holocaust, but there are other possibilities also, so you only have to take some time to figure it out, what your family would like.

Watch movies together

This is one amazing way of spending time together as a family. Remember the movies you liked to watch in the childhood, and put them on screen now. In this way, you would remember the old times, and you would have a lot of subjects to talk about. Movies have the role to bring people together, and even if you take your children with you when you go to your parents’ house. You can watch an old movie to show your children what movies were on trend when you were their age.

Organize a joke-telling contest

In a family, there are always a few persons who like to tell jokes. So one night you can gather in one room, and after dinner, you can organize a joke-telling contest. Decide upon a subject, because you have to have a starting point, and you would see how everyone strives to tell at least a joke. Who would not want to win a family contest? It would be a subject of talk many years from now, and the winner would be proud with his or her achievement. Even the young ones would like to take part to it, because they have plenty of inspiration online now, and they would want to share with you the results of their search.

Decorate the house

Decorating the house is one of the activities where all the family members should take part. You can buy the Christmas tree together and decide upon the accessories that you would use to decorate it. One amazing way of decorating the Christmas tree is to use pictures with your family members. Put together pictures from your childhood with those from now, and even make some new ones right before starting to decorate. But the Christmas tree should not be the only one which has your attention this winter, you should bring both the house and the yard to life, with different types of lights and decorations. There are plenty of them on the market, so do not forget to purchase them in time.