Nowadays, cars are so diverse and so powerful that making a decision became harder than ever. This is the reason why comparing the latest cars and their prices is paramount before doing anything else. Whether you are a car passionate who can’t wait to see what the newest car comes up it or a family person, looking for a car to suit all their needs regarding space and reliability, the new Honda Civic will definitely represent an option for you. Reading Edmunds opinion on the new Honda Civic should make you understand what all the fuss is about and – hopefully – at the end of this article you will manage to make that harsh decision. Honda Civic is not a cheap car, but you can always opt for buying a second-hand one, which could probably reach the same performance as a new one if kept well by previous owners. See below a list of the features that could make you fall in love with the Civic:



The newest Honda comes equipped with two 4-cylinder engines. One of the engines is turbocharged while the other is not, but you can already tell how powerful this car is. The whole picture is completed by the 6-speed manual transmission, but you can opt for an automatic one as well, if you feel more comfortable that way. This car can reach up to 180 horsepower and it has driving modes like sport and sport touring. It definitely reaches greater values regarding acceleration test results compared to its competitors: Chevrolet Cruze LT, Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla etc.


The differences between the previous model and the actual one are inexistent when it comes to interior details. The car remains spacious and beautifully designed. The seating options are various and no matter what type you are choosing, you will get the best out of it. If you are a fan of leather, opt for the Touring models, while if you are happy with cloth trim, go standard. The Honda Civic is again ruling the top cars when it comes to front seat space, competing with the Mazda 3. Depending on your budget, you can also select the heated seats both in the front and back option if you know you are going to spend a lot of time in this beauty on wheels. It is completely up to you how are you going to personalize the Civic.