People usually want to get rid of their antique or outdated pieces of furniture after they decide to renovate or redecorate their homes. Of course, home renovation and home redecoration are not the only reasons why people make up their mind in order to get rid of furniture that no longer meets their home’s vibe but this can also happen when people decide to donate to charity. Yes, it is a good thing to donate the furniture that you no longer use or need but just be sure that the furniture is still in good conditions the moment you decide to give those specific pieces to charity. But what if, at some point in the future, you decide that your mother’s old sofa would look nice in your vintage-looking living room? Moreover, if you know yourself to be an undecided person, then think about storing your furniture, rather than giving it or throwing it away. A garage that you no longer use would be great to store all your pieces but a self storage unit would be greater. However, when talking about how to correctly store furniture, there are some simple tips and tricks you need to be aware of.

How to prepare for the move

Firstly, make sure to hire a moving truck rental company in order to make the transportation process much easier for you. Of course, the moving truck company will provide you a professional team which will take care of your furniture but it is best to be careful. To prevent damage, you can use moving blankets in order to protect the pieces of furniture you are most fond of.

Clean, prep and disassemble in order to ease your task

Before placing your pieces of furniture in the moving truck, make sure that you first clean and prep them. How can you do this? Well, take a fresh cloth and wipe down any excess of dust and then use different cleaners that are appropriate for your furniture’s material for this will add a layer of protection. Moreover, when you can, disassemble larger items for easy transport. This means that pieces of furniture such as tables, beds, dressers, and couches can probably be dismembered to lighten your load.

Cover and protect your antique furniture pieces

After you have stored all your furniture in a self storage unit, make a use out of materials such as bubble wrap, sheets, blankets, drop cloths or covers. If you intend to keep your furniture for long-term storage, protecting the pieces you love most is a mandatory task to do. Also, covering your furniture with different materials will keep dust away, so if you later decide that you want a specific chair to be back in your house, you will be content with the decision of protecting it.

Maximize the space by strategically storing the furniture

Depending on the size of the self storage unit, you can actually maximize the space. Store furniture in a strategic manner in order to save some space for other pieces of furniture that you may or may not store in the future.