Going to a restaurant with your family is a great experience because you have the chance to experiment new types of food and reconnect. If you have a healthy lifestyle, it is important to keep it that way even if you go out. If your children are joining you, it is essential to offer them fresh food filled with vitamins and minerals. There are many good Restaurants in United Kingdom that offer delicious and healthy food, and here are some tips of how you can have a fresh dinner at a restaurant with your entire family.

Personalise your menu

Even if the dishes are established by the restaurant, you can personalise the plate by telling the waiter how you would like your food to be cooked. For example, if the meat is fried, you can ask to be grilled. You can choose to have baked potatoes instead of the fried ones and vegetables instead of fries. Do not be shy in changing your menu, because at the end of the day the idea is to keep a healthy diet.

Check the menu on the Internet

Most of the restaurants can be found on the Internet and they post their menu online. Before you get there, you can check what type of food they serve and if there are any healthy or low fats options. Also, make sure they have a big variety of salads. In this way, you can search for more restaurants and decide which place is the most suitable for you.

You can ask for more vegetables

Sometimes, the portion of vegetables is not very big, comparing to the rest of the dish. You can ask the staff to double or triple the amount of vegetables offering to pay extra. In this case, you will have a delicious, low-fat meal. You can also consider ordering one or two portions of appetizers based on seafood and veggies. They are healthy and delicious.

Order a salad before anything else

Studies proved that eating a salad before the main course helps you eat less calories during the entire meal. Try to avoid fat salads that contain potatoes, pasta, mayonnaise, bacon and other fattening ingredients. Opt for salads that include tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and nuts. You can even replace the dessert with a fruit salad. It is delicious, sweet and natural suitable for children and parents.

Avoid unhealthy drinks

Even if you skip eating at home, you should pay attention to the drinks you consume. Water is important for our health, and is recommended to be consumed between meals. Avoid drinking fizzy drinks, cocktails or spirits. You can drink a glass of red wine, as it is good for your heart and blood pressure, and your children can have a smoothie or lemonade.

You can have a good time with your loved ones in a restaurant and eat healthy at the same time. Remember that healthy food is essential for our body and nowadays it is easy to have a healthy lifestyle with so many options we can choose from.