Being a parent is never an easy thing to do, especially if you have a teenage daughter who can be quite difficult to please. And by far one of the most common reasons for fighting is related to decorating her room. But interior designers say that a good way for doing that is by using ribbons. The best part when it comes to these accessories is that they never go out of style.

Help her personalise her curtains

You can use a cute polka dot ribbon for making your daughter’s room curtains look interesting.  But, before taking any decision it is highly recommended to ask for your daughter’s opinion. Even if a polka dot can look amazing on her curtains maybe she prefers other style.

Use ribbons for creating a dream catcher

Dream catchers are not only some amazing accessories, but also a symbol of Native Americans’ tradition. It is sad that such accessory was created for protecting people from nightmares, while letting them enjoy the positive dreams. Native Americans’ used to believe that the negative dreams are caught up in the web of the dream catcher and they vanish when they get in contact with the sun.

Put some ribbons around the economy jar

In case your daughter does not have such jar for economies, it can be a good way of making her save some money. It is one of the easiest DIY projects because you can find tutorials on the Internet. You only have to pick up a jar and decorate it with some colourful ribbons.

Make the pillows stand out

Does your daughter have a lot of pillows on her bed? In time she will probably get bored of them. Thus, instead of throwing them away, you can make them look like new, with the help of some ribbons. Use the ribbons for creating some out of the ordinary models. In case you want to make the pillows look even more interesting, you should use your swing machine.

Forget about the dull lamp shade

If you add some ribbons to your lamp, it will become a very fashionable item inside your house. And it is quite simple. You just have to set the right dimensions and line the rims of your daughter’s lamp shade.


Therefore, there are many ways of using ribbons for decorating your girl’s bedroom. But there is another rule that you have to take into consideration before doing that: you should match the colours wisely, in order to make the place look interesting and comfortable.