If ending a relationship with someone is painful, especially after enjoying a deep connection that lasted several years, breaking up with your partner while sharing the same apartment or studio is even more difficult because you do not have the possibility to alienate from each other for as long as you need after expressing your negative feelings. Instead, you have to go sleep on the couch or even continue sharing the same bed until one of you moves out, but happens if neither one of you planned the separation? Nobody saves money thinking that one day, when his or her long-lasting relationship ends, those savings will prove to be useful for paying rent. Consequently, this represents a big risk that all couples must face when choosing to live together a period before marriage. Just because you are not financially or emotionally stable, it does not mean that you should lose your dignity during the process. If your partner does not show signs of moving out and you no longer enjoy living together, then you must take action.

Accept the support of your friends and family

Keep in mind that you might not be able to handle the process of moving out and moving on by yourself so having the support of your friends and family is very important. Separating from that person, both physically and emotionally, will help you cope better with the sad outcome. Once you made such a decision, there is no point in keep pondering upon it. Instead, you should distract your attention with other activities and goals, such as raising enough money to afford your own studio or apartment. However, until then, you do have to make a plan regarding your current possessions because you cannot continue to keep them at your previous place that you used to share with your ex. If your friends and family do not have enough space for all your belongings, you can just search “storage units near me” online and you will find plenty of options available. Once again, you need someone to help you with transporting all your things from one place to another but think that you will not be in this situation for too long.

Give yourself a break; rediscover old hobbies

Increasing your level of productivity at work or finding a new job that brings you more revenue should become your main goal after such a disappointing outcome. Instead of sitting in a corner crying alone or feeling sorry for yourself, you should find ways to evolve as an individual and reach a whole different level of maturity. Even though it seems impossible immediately after the breakup, adopting a positive mindset can really help you become a survivor. Do you remember those things or activities that you enjoyed doing alone? Well, now that you are alone again, you can learn to laugh by allowing yourself to experiment and break the routine. You do not have to go out and get drunk if you are not that type of person, but you can go for a long jog through the park or do anything else that makes you happy.