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Follow this guide if you are left jobless in France

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Follow this guide if you are left jobless in France

In today’s world, having a job is a necessity if you want to have a good life. However, due to various reasons, it may happen sometimes that you are fired, or left without a job, which can be quite frustrating. Well, not if you are residing in France. Here, the government tries to help those that are jobless and those that are in low-income jobs through their National Insurance program, which provides residents with many unemployment benefits that are supposed to support the family until the unemployed person finds a new job. Here’s what you have to do if you are left jobless in France.


First stop – Pôle emploi

Yes, everyone agrees that having no job is something that makes you feel anxious, frustrated and desperate, especially if you have a family and children you need to take care of. However, even in such situations you need to pull yourself together and to learn more about the benefits unemployed people have in France. The first stop in this process is Pôle emploi. Seek for the closest one in your region, call the numero ANPE Seine Saint Denis to learn more about the working hours or other details you may be interested in and go there, because they will help you find a new job. This step should be done as soon as possible once you are left jobless, because the sooner you receive unemployment benefits and are on the process of finding a new job, the better it will be for both you and your family. Visit the dedicated site first and register online by filling in a short questionnaire. Do not forget to print a copy of your registration form and renew it every month. If you are an expat or a foreigner relocated in France, you must go to a qualified institution before registration, because you need to undergo a process of transfer of rights purposes.

Once you are found eligible, file your claim

It is essential first that you check to see if you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits and the right place to find out more about this aspect is at Pôle emploi. Once you are sure you meet the specific selection criteria and you receive approval, it is time you submitted your claim. From now on, the process is straightforward and you have two options available to choose: complete it online or contact the job centre via their phone number. Someone will assist you throughout this process and will provide useful information in order to help you improve your search skills and find the perfect job for you. Check to see if you have all the necessary documents with you when you go to submit your application and then wait. The process usually takes time, so do not get panicked if you do not receive an answer within the following days after your application.

It is also important that you attend the review meetings following the application process. There you will meet with an adviser, who will significantly improve your chances of getting back in the field and obtaining a new job.

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Purchasing a new car versus purchasing a second hand one

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Purchasing a new car versus purchasing a second hand one


There is a time in life when you need to replace your car. If you have a big family, buying a spacious car is necessary. When it comes to cars, there are many types to choose from and this is why you have to take your time and think about the decision you are going to make. Although people prefer new products, buying a used car is an advantageous option. Here is what you need to know before you decide purchasing a new 2017 Toyota 4runner car or a used one.

The advantages of buying a new vehicle

There are many advantages of buying a new car. The first one is that you can have it exactly the way you want and look for the one that matches your preferences. You can select the colors of its interior and exterior such as the options. When you purchase a new car, you are sure about the fact that it hasn’t been used by anyone. It hasn’t been involved in any accidents, it is clean and most of all you do not have to worry about its history. Nowadays most of the cars are built in order to be safer as the vehicle safety laws become more and more rigorous. New cars are equipped with devices like sensing systems to protect the children, backup detection devices, and side curtain airbags that make them safe in case of an accident.

The advantages of buying a used vehicle

The biggest advantage that determines people to buy a second hand car is the price. Of course, buying a used car is less expensive than buying a new one, and in many occasions, the difference is quite big. Another great benefit of a used automobile is that you avoid hitting depreciation. Some cars lose around 20% of their value as soon as they leave the showroom but in this case, you do not have to worry about that. Moreover, as the vehicle is not new, the insurance taxes will be less expensive. Another good thing about buying a second hand car is that if you want a model, option package or wheel design that is no longer manufactured, there is a big variety you can choose from.

Whether you purchase a new auto or a second hand one, you have to choose it carefully and the most important thing is to check how safe it is. The options are anything but limited, so make sure you select a suitable vehicle for you and your family.


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What makes a car worth buying?

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What makes a car worth buying?

Buying a car without much expertise on the topic can be risky, so learning a few things on the subject will prove to be necessary. Because acquiring a vehicle is not a purchase you make every day, you will need to be extremely careful. Perhaps the new 2017 Honda civic has caught your eye, or the Audi A4, but what exactly makes a particular car worth buying? Keep reading and find out:



Comfort should be one of the most important purchase considerations. Even if you might think you could compromise on this aspect, just for the sake of a more powerful engine or perhaps a more luxurious interior, after a while, you will end up regretting your choice. Because you will be driving the car on a daily basis, both you and your passengers (if you will use it as a family car) will need to sit comfortably and enjoy a pleasant ride. Make sure to not overlook the importance of this aspect.

Good money value

Price is the first thing the majority of buyers think about. Because some might not afford luxurious models, they opt for more affordable alternatives, and even second hand options (which can be just as good if bought from reliable sellers). However, the initial price spent is not the only consideration to have in terms of money, but the long run costs as well. A car worth purchasing should come with excellent gas mileage, so informing yourself about this detail is recommended.

Ride quality

It all ultimately comes to the ride quality, and this is the reason why testing a vehicle before buying it an absolute must. The ideal car should provide you with a smooth driving experience, offering you the power you are interested in, and a feeling of security at the same time. To obtain a good ride quality you need to opt for a model that has a powerful engine, is equipped with advanced safety features and feels sturdy even on bumpier roads

During a car buying process, knowing what you should look for and what needs to be avoided is necessary. If this is the fist time you are purchasing a car yourself, you probably do not know much on the topic, and you might easily be influenced by the appearance of the vehicle, and thus neglect aspects that are far more important. Now that you are aware of a few essential considerations, you can manage making a reliable purchase, and invest your money in a car that will meet your expectations.

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Why buying designer furniture for kids’ room is worth the investment

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Why buying designer furniture for kids’ room is worth the investment

Decorating a child’s room is one of the most difficult tasks for parents, because there are many aspects that need to be considered. While some people are of the opinion that it is best to buy second hand furniture for the children’s rooms, experts strongly advise parents to opt for a much safer and more comfortable solution and to invest in designer childrens furniture and here are the main reasons why.


It is specifically designed for you

You have spent a great deal of time on the Internet searching again and again for the perfect pieces of furniture to install in the children’s room, but you just couldn’t find the right ones to fit your criteria. This is actually one of the reasons why designer furniture is a great option – you benefit from furniture that is tailored to your requirements and needs. You will have a unique item that everyone will appreciate, especially your child.

Higher quality

Another very good reason why designer furniture makes for a perfect investment on the long-term is related to quality. Buying second hand furniture for example may be a lot more cost-effective than buying brand new items, but there are certain risks that come with this purchase and one of them is related to safety. By buying designer furniture from brands such as Green Cathedral, or Hobbe for instance, you are ensured that the materials used in the manufacturing process are of the highest quality, compared to the majority of mass-produced goods.

The emotional connection

Going for custom-made furniture automatically implies meaning and sentimentality. There is the emotional connection that will make that item more special to you and your child, especially when they grow up. After all, investing in designer furniture is more than decorating the room with pieces that cannot be found on the market. It is an investment in a story and piece that can be passed down to future generations.

Go for online shopping

There are many furniture stores that sell their products and services on the Internet, so start with some online research and look for a professional and trust-worthy provider. Shopping for designer furniture online comes with a series of benefits and one of them is related to comfort. It is a lot more comfortable and accessible to search on the Internet for the pieces of furniture that best fit your needs, rather than wandering the entire city and visiting all possible furniture stores in the neighbourhood. Also, it saves you a lot more time. You can find the perfect furniture for your children’s room simply by doing a few clicks, effortlessly and efficiently. What is more, in case you are interested in designer furniture, you can contact various companies via phone or email, request a quote and select the one that matches with your needs and budget.

All things considered, these are the main reasons why purchasing designer furniture for the children’s room is worth the investment. Keep in mind that to benefit from the desired results, it is recommended to go for top quality products.

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Things to know about going to a party for open-minded couples

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Things to know about going to a party for open-minded couples


People who have an open mind in a romantic relationship breathe freedom. More precisely, they have views that aren’t held by everyone. People who live an open-minded love life don’t rely on stereotypical gender roles and traditional relationship models. They make their own rules. Open-minded couples are always open to new ideas that can help them gain perspective. One thing they can’t refuse are parties. Couples attend parties not to share their partners, but to look for companionship. Most people feel comfortable talking to strangers and the number of friends they make in their lifetime is quite high. Are you too going to a party for open-minded couples? If you are, this is what you should expect.

There’s no sexual play

You and your significant other are attending an open-minded couples party at a party. What you should know is that these kinds of parties are completely sex free. The overall concept of open-minded lifestyle is to provide a place where anyone can date, socialise, and network. What clubs and other similar organisations do is provide great DJs and bands playing music for dancing and having a good time. It’s not like spinning the bottle. You are going to a high-end party, where you can meet people in a large social setting. So, relax and enjoy the party.

Everyone is normal

You may expect to come across people who are ridiculously good looking. After all, it’s a high-end party. Things are not like that. You won’t meet only clean-cut people dressed in fancy clothes. What you will get to know are normal people, in other words people like you who strongly want to connect with others. Only 5% of people look like models. So, you need to have realistic expectations. What’s more nobody is guaranteeing you a good time. Just like in real life, you click with some people and not with others.

Get there in time

Arriving late at a party, whether it is or not for open-minded couples, is rude. You don’t want to be the first couple, but you certainly don’t want to be the last one. Arriving late makes everyone there feel uncomfortable, so make sure that you get there early. Not only will people appreciate your early arrival, but also you will get to take a tour of the club. When faced with such a simple choice – getting to the part on time and arriving when everyone is already there – adopt this unspoken social rule: Get there early.

Enjoy yourself

The whole reason why you are going to a party for open-minded couples is to enjoy yourself. While you are there, have an extraordinary time. Talk to people, get to know more about them and try to flirt. What you have to keep in mind is that you have the right to say no. So, if you don’t feel comfortable drinking alcohol, you don’t have to. Only do things that make you happy. This is the most important thing.

Couples leave as a couple

Generally, single men are not invited to open-minded couples parties. Women are invited, sometimes. The point is that there is no need to worry that you will leave as a couple. Others will not come between you and your partner.

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Is hypnosis effective for weight loss?

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Is hypnosis effective for weight loss?

If you are looking for a way to lose weight, then you should try hypnotherapy. Specialists state that in some cases hypnosis is an effective aid in losing weight. You may ask yourself how a therapy that does not include sport can help you lose weight. Well, the fact is that you do not lose weight, because you find difficult to exclude some foods from your diet. For example, there are people who struggle with giving up on sweets, but others think that the real challenge is to exclude from their diet crunchy or salty foods. If you have a session of hypnotherapy Birmingham you will find that many people think that it is deal with their eating cravings a certain part of the day. You have some eating patterns and habits that cause you weight issues, and in this case the only option you have to recalibrate them, is to have hypnosis sessions.


Hypnotherapy helps you change perspective

The main purpose of this type of therapy is to help you change your attitude and perspective in certain situations. It offers you a taste, look or feel that you have an alternative, and it helps your subconscious mind know that you have other options. Your subconscious mind does not make the difference between reality and fantasy, so it is necessary to offer it new perspectives, and hypnosis broadens its outlook.

Disassociation through therapy

One of the best ways a therapist uses to alter your perspective is to use disassociation. In the majority of situations, people have the inclination to associate the person they are with the images and thoughts that go through their mind. Under hypnosis, the therapist will help you disassociate between the concept of your body and your thoughts. The therapist will demonstrate you that you are the observer of your thoughts and not the thoughts themselves.

Hypnosis raises awareness of needs

The majority of people who want to lose weight think that food is the main cause they are not able to achieve their goals. You can use food as a drug and as with any drug, you can expect to have second effects. You will have to ask yourself why you have these cravings, because some causes can be depressions, anxiety, lack of security and even companionship. Once hypnosis will help you figure out the causes, you will be able to find a healthy alternative to lose weight, and you will not have to starve yourself.

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The unknown mental benefits of crafting

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The unknown mental benefits of crafting


Although crafting has become quite a popular activity over the last few years, many online stores offering a wide range of supplies for craft designs, many people have never tried designing handmade items. Even if you might believe that this type of activity should be done only by skilled people, crafting is actually more than that, and without experiencing it for yourself, you might never discover talents you did not know you have. Nowadays, designers even have the opportunity of sharing their project with the world through various websites, such as craftjuice.com. Whether you have the skills necessary or not, crafting is still beneficial for you, so if you want to learn more about the mental benefits of this activity, keep reading:

Mood booster

You have probably confronted yourself with a bad mood on more than one occasion, and changing that state of mind is not exactly the easiest thing to do. Well, studies have proven that knitting, and basically any other type of crafts, can have a positive role in improving a person’s mood. Because it determines a higher cognitive functioning, focusing on creating handmade objects will make you feel more relax, pushing you into using your creativity more. If you research the topic more amply, you will find out that even clinically depressed people have noticed improvements in their moods while crafting, so next time you are feeling under the weather it is worth giving this option a try. Over time, crafting can help you become a happier person in general.

Relieving stress

Dealing with stress is a common thing for those who have a busy schedule, and face all kind of work-related problems. After a stressful day at the office, managing to get your mind off things, and achieve complete relaxation is not that easy. Well, you should know that crafting also functions as a great stress reliever. Because you will be focusing on something you enjoy doing, you will easily be able to unwind, and stress will no longer a problem – you will be lulled into a meditative state.

Enhancing dexterity and building self esteem

If you are truly dedicated to your crafts, and spend enough of your free time doing this activity, you will quickly notice a dexterity enhancement. Your skills will get better and better with time, and this aspect can help you in other areas of your life as well. Moreover, seeing how you can manage creating something from scratch will also influence positively your self esteem, and becoming more confident is certainly something that everybody desires.

Regardless of the types of handmade objects you choose to make, crafting can truly have a positive impact on your mental health, coming with all sorts of therapeutic benefits. The details mentioned above are only a few of the reasons why you should give this type of activity more of your time. You even have the possibility of making your work known on various online platforms and perhaps even sell your crafts and turn your passion into a profitable business.

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