When it comes to our monthly income, it is a natural thing to try to increase it. However, many have a good part of their day occupied by main jobs. A second one might be difficult to manage, if not impossible. However, smart people always find a way of making an extra buck. Recycling is one of those. Bear in mind that almost anything can be recycled, from paper, scrap brass, aluminum, copper, plastic and the list could go on. If you fear this might be stressful and exhausting for someone with a job already, gather your children and have them help you. Not only they will learn some practical tasks, like identifying different types of metal, but they will also learn the importance of recycling. However, below are some ways you can make some extra money from a little recycling.

Scrap brass has quite high prices

Depending on its characteristics, the sale price for scrap brass varies between $ CAD 1.60 and $ CAD 1.80 / lb. Therefore, you can have a pretty amount of money at the end of the month with the scrap brass you find around your house, your garage and backyard. You don’t need for sure all those items you managed to gather in the past years, so you might use them to make a profit instead. Get your children and go into a quest to see which one of you can find the most of it. Make a contest out of it, and you will entertain your children, educate them in terms of recycling matters and regarding money as well.

Gather all the copper you can as well

Not only brass has a good sale price, copper does well. Its price can reach $ CAD 2.45 / lb., depending on its properties. Teach your children to be organized and prepare containers with the name of every type of metal you think you can find. Teach them to identify each of those and you provide them an important lesson as well.

Aluminum can be found it numerous places

The list of metals you can take to a recycling company does not end there. Aluminum is also quite requested on the recycling market and for a lb. you can get up to $ CAD 1.30. Almost any item in your house contains various amounts of this element. See what you don’t need any more, gather them and take them to a recycling company. Involve your children as well and you will have an easier task. Inventing a competition is always the best way to make them work harder and a great opportunity to spend more time with them!

When in need of an extra buck, go into your garage and see what items you don’t need anymore. You can recycle almost anything, and if you find a reliable recycling company to work with will ensure you you’ll have a pretty profit. They always offer fair prices and the variety of metal they accept covers the entire spectrum.