Use the times you visit your parents to evaluate how there are doing, in terms of quality of life, safety and health. You have to send more time with them, when you notice that they are dealing with more complex health issues, they have been facing with until now. This article will point you out some of the most important red flags that will warn you when your parents need more support.


They are having mobility problems because of the fall hazards present in their house

The first thing you should check when you visit your parents is the hazards they are facing when they have to move around the house. Is it safe for them to walk indoors, when the light is poor? Do they consider the bathroom an obstacle? Sometimes the elders have dizziness periods, and they are more likely to fall during these periods. If you find your parents in this type of situation, you should hire a certified praktisk bistand to evaluate their needs and abilities. They will make recommendations, and will offer your parents the support they need, when you are not around.

They no longer have the energy to complete their tasks

Another sign that should worry you is when the seniors are no longer able to deal with their legal and home documents, when they forget or are not able to pay their bills, and when they feel emotionally unable to leave the house for this type of effort. You should check the depth of the problem, to understand if this is a temporary situation, or they need help. You can start organising and running errands for them or you can hire specialised help, a privat hjemmehjelp.

They tend to isolate themselves

Ask them when is the last time they called or visited one of their friends, and family members. If they are slowly starting to disconnect from their family members and friends, it is a sign that their physical and mental health are at risk. You should try to find the friend they are interacting with regularly, and help them get involved in activities they both would love. A besøksvenn would help them feel better, they will support them in certain activities, and they will have someone to communicate with daily.

Their appearance changed

If you visit them often, you will definitely notice if their weight changed. Some seniors gain weight, while others lose excessive weight, none of the situations is healthy for them. In addition, it is advisable to check the clothes they are wearing, because if they do not change them, and continue to wear them even if they are dirty, it is a sign that they are developing unhealthy patterns. If you notice appearance changes or they look anxious, stressed out and sad, you should take them to a medical and psychological evaluation. The doctor will determine if the signs are symptoms of a health condition, or if they only need some extra help.