All homeowners should be aware that not ensuring proper maintenance can transform their personal living space into a dangerous environment causing discomfort and even health issues. However, when a newborn announces his presence the situation changes dramatically because his parents have the great responsibility to examine every corner of the house and create a healthy living environment suitable for a small child. They have to keep in mind many details including excessive humidity, indoor air quality and pieces of furniture that might cause serious injurious to a crawling human being. Infants and toddlers are very sensitive so parents have to realize that taking safety measures and controlling even the smallest detail becomes imperative. The worst situation that might affect a baby’s health refers to mold, which represents a toxic fungus that grows and develops in humid or less accessible places. Sure, this uninvited guest causes allergies, red eyes and a runny nose, but did you know that it can also be life-threatening, especially for little ones with a weak immune system?

Mold growth should represent the biggest concern of parents

Of course, parents must set their priorities straight when bringing a newborn home. They must invest in designing a special room for his needs, furniture, adequate equipment, clothes and many other items like baby swings ideal for soothing a newborn by helping him fall asleep. The main idea is that choosing quality products is fundamental. For this reason, many parents visit in order to discover the best products for their bundle of joy. However, after covering all these expenses and setting up a room specially designed for their infant, parents must focus on the indoor environment, which refers to the entire house. Therefore, returning to the main hazards with the potential to threaten the health and well-being of a small child, parents must direct their attention towards the cause leading to the appearance of mold in the first plane, namely high humidity levels. In order to prevent the growth of this toxic fungus in their home, you should definitely consider buying a humidifier and placing it in the nursery. We are referring tot hose small gadgets specifically designs for this purpose.

Other threats refer to excessive humidity, sharp corners and certain toys

Make sure that you maintain a warm temperature inside the baby’s room to prevent him from catching a cold, but also do not forget to use the humidifier in order to protect the baby’s sensitive skin and also help him enjoy a good sleep. The next potential threat to an infant’s safety refers to sharp furniture corners. Of course, as an adult you can walk so you do not have a problem with them. In fact, most of the times you do not even see them but put yourself in your baby’s shoes and then evaluate the situation. Just think about it: since he crawls most of the time, the chances of suffering a serious injury increase significantly. Finally, yet importantly, make sure that you only give your baby toys that are suitable for his age to prevent unfortunate accidents.