Having to leave your dog alone is certainly not a pleasant prospect, and when you are going away for a couple of nights, you probably want to know your pooch is being looked after by someone responsible. Luckily, nowadays, there are pet hotels available, making things far easier for pet owners. However, that doesn’t mean that just any facility of this kind in your proximity has to offer services as great as you might expect, this is why you’ll need to focus on a few details before making a choice and the most important ones are:

Research service variety and conclude if it covers your demands

Each pet hotel on the market has its own set of services available, which might differ tremendously from another. Look into the service variety available and establish if they are offering exactly the options you are looking for at the moment. Perhaps you are searching for a kennel that offers fetch sessions, or has an outdoor area for the dogs to play, regardless of your exact needs, see what the said facility can and cannot provide your pet with.


Request info on costs and what their fees actually include. Maybe the kennel has additional fees for every type of service you might be interested in accessing. Knowing what is included in the asking price will allow you to compare prices between various pet hotels. Some facilities will ask you to bring your own food, while other will offer that free of charge. Discuss money from the start just so you won’t end up paying much more than you had initially thought you would.

The people working there

Perhaps the dog hotel looks great and has interesting services to offer, but if the people working there don’t seem exactly friendly or reliable, you might deal with potential inconveniences. When you are visiting the hundepensjonat, try to be attentive to the facility’s employees.

Prepared for emergencies

Safety should come before everything else, and to make sure your beloved little pet is protected against possible emergencies, find out if the said facility is actually prepared for unforeseen scenarios. From fires to health issues, crisis situations could arise in the most unexpected moments so knowing that the kennel Oslo and the staff working there are prepared will give you peace of mind that your pooch is in safe hands at all times. You should also try to assess if the kennel is well-maintained – disorganized, messy premises being never a good sign.

Whether you are going on vacation and taking your beloved pet with you is not possible, or you simply need someone to look over it for the night, finding a great hotel for pets is not something that you should be taken easily. You probably want for your pooch to be left in the right hands and that means seeking a facility that actually covers demands and doesn’t fail to handle proper pet care. With these few selection suggestions, you will manage to access the right type of services, so try to use them to your advantage.