People who have an open mind in a romantic relationship breathe freedom. More precisely, they have views that aren’t held by everyone. People who live an open-minded love life don’t rely on stereotypical gender roles and traditional relationship models. They make their own rules. Open-minded couples are always open to new ideas that can help them gain perspective. One thing they can’t refuse are parties. Couples attend parties not to share their partners, but to look for companionship. Most people feel comfortable talking to strangers and the number of friends they make in their lifetime is quite high. Are you too going to a party for open-minded couples? If you are, this is what you should expect.

There’s no sexual play

You and your significant other are attending an open-minded couples party at a party. What you should know is that these kinds of parties are completely sex free. The overall concept of open-minded lifestyle is to provide a place where anyone can date, socialise, and network. What clubs and other similar organisations do is provide great DJs and bands playing music for dancing and having a good time. It’s not like spinning the bottle. You are going to a high-end party, where you can meet people in a large social setting. So, relax and enjoy the party.

Everyone is normal

You may expect to come across people who are ridiculously good looking. After all, it’s a high-end party. Things are not like that. You won’t meet only clean-cut people dressed in fancy clothes. What you will get to know are normal people, in other words people like you who strongly want to connect with others. Only 5% of people look like models. So, you need to have realistic expectations. What’s more nobody is guaranteeing you a good time. Just like in real life, you click with some people and not with others.

Get there in time

Arriving late at a party, whether it is or not for open-minded couples, is rude. You don’t want to be the first couple, but you certainly don’t want to be the last one. Arriving late makes everyone there feel uncomfortable, so make sure that you get there early. Not only will people appreciate your early arrival, but also you will get to take a tour of the club. When faced with such a simple choice – getting to the part on time and arriving when everyone is already there – adopt this unspoken social rule: Get there early.

Enjoy yourself

The whole reason why you are going to a party for open-minded couples is to enjoy yourself. While you are there, have an extraordinary time. Talk to people, get to know more about them and try to flirt. What you have to keep in mind is that you have the right to say no. So, if you don’t feel comfortable drinking alcohol, you don’t have to. Only do things that make you happy. This is the most important thing.

Couples leave as a couple

Generally, single men are not invited to open-minded couples parties. Women are invited, sometimes. The point is that there is no need to worry that you will leave as a couple. Others will not come between you and your partner.