It is without a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that celebrities really have a hold on the public. The moment they do something out of the ordinary or dress in a peculiar fashion, the world knows it and really comments upon it. Being a celebrity must be quite difficult, but rewarding at the same time. So much power comes with this role. Here is a simple example that shows exactly how celebrities have some sort of control upon the mind of the public. Take the delicate ribbon, an item so familiar to many of you. Online websites such as The Ribbon Room bring their diverse offers, which usually contain all sorts of ribbons and bows. You might not tempted to buy them, but when have a peek at how Jenifer Lopez is dressed for an event, wearing a beautiful dress with a delightful bow on her back, you might just change your mind. Speaking of celebrities and their fine taste in fashion, here are three dresses that have meant gold for bow providers.



Chloe Sevigny and her otherworldly dress


In 2011, the world was amazed to see an ethereal apparition on the red carpet during the Golden Globes celebration. Chloe Sevigny, an interesting character in her own right, showed up for the event wearing a beautiful dark, dusty pink dress, filled with folds and bows. Even though each detail of the dress was delicate, passing almost unnoticed, the dress had an amazing effect, as no one could take his eyes off it. The Valentino creation re-introduced the feminine style in fashion, after a long ruling of the androgen outfit.


Eva Mendez in her white amazing gown


White gowns are really difficult to wear during events, because you can be easily confused with a bride, which is completely undesirable. Still, if you are Eva Mendez, somehow you pull it off! Not only did the star show up in a white satin dress, with a big waist bow, but the outfit remained on the lists of most stylists as a fabulous decision. Still, when choosing Dior, you know that things cannot go wrong!


Big red bow for Nicole Kidman


In 2007, Nicole Kidman choose Balenciaga, who came up with a fabulous design, fit for important red carpet events. The dress was simple, but the detail that changed everything was the ribbon, interestingly tied around the neck and to the back. The image you might be having now is simple, but try to put the Nicole Kidman perfect figure in that dress. Blonde hair, thin, delicate, noble, all in a red strong dress, with lots of things to say! The combination is absolutely stunning.