When was the last time you went to a wedding? As a guest, weddings are fun events. You can drink, eat and dance with friends and family all night long. For the happy couple however, a wedding can be a real headache. The event never starts this way. In most cases, planning the big event is always welcomed with great enthusiasm and delight. Soon after that however, things tend to change. Stress and frustration tend to appear, clouding your mind and you are unable to plan the wedding. When you reach such points in your planning activities, you need to think clearly. You need to keep things simple and clear. Here is a quick example. Assuming that you have decided to invest in a personalised wedding ribbon collection, here are three simple ways to incorporate these small, yet powerful items in your big event.


Ribbons on favours


What are personalised ribbons? Well, they are the classic, high quality bows bearing your name and the date of the big event. To make sure that your guests will remember the event, you could tie the favours with these ribbons. The favour is going home with the guest and so is the ribbon. Every time the favour will receive attention, the person looking at it will remember the fun times he or he had at your wedding.


Outdoor weddings, filled with opportunities


If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then you have all the options in the world to place personalised ribbons. You can add these bows on the chairs placed in the garden or at the cookie bar, if you have one. If the ribbons are larger than usual, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t use them as tree decorations. Try not to hide them. Make it easy for all guests to notice and admire them.


Ribbons and flowers


There is no better way to admire ribbons than to see them beautifully tied around flowers. Ribbons and flowers simply match. They go perfect together. So, why not apply this rule to your wedding? Why not add ribbons onto flower bouquets? You can add them to your bouquet, as well as those belonging to your bridesmaids. Then there are the table flower arrangements, which are not to be forgotten. These are ideal for displaying the beautiful personalised ribbons.


Plan your wedding in detail, but remember that simple is sometimes the best. When you are thinking clearly, when you know exactly what it is you want to obtain, planning this even no longer seems that difficult.