Parents try every day to do the best for their children, because most of all, they want them to be happy. In many cases, they tend to buy everything they want. Toys are in great demand and parents want to buy something new and useful. Usually, they do some research before they choose anything for their children and this is good because they can make mistakes. For example, they can believe that most of the toys are made exclusively for boys or for girls. There is a misconception about girl toys. Of course that dolls and babies are made for girls who love to be like their mothers, but this doesn’t mean that girls can’t play with cars or robots too. There are cases when girls love to have a collection of dinosaurs or even planes. This type of toys shouldn’t be avoided because they can fit better for your girl’s personality. Do not think just of a limited type because there are many possibilities.

Choose a toy with your daughter

When parents go to a shop for toys, children almost want to have everything. To avoid this problem and to be sure that children will not make a scene in the shop, their parents should talk about this at home. Some girls prefer dolls dressed in pretty clothes and with long hair. Others like babies and things which relate to them. This are the most common situations because they want to be like their mothers and imitate the behavior they see in them. Nevertheless, there are some cases when girl toys are very different. It is the children’s right to have the toys they see more interesting and captivating. Mothers shouldn’t tell their daughters that train tracks or cars are not good for them. Other toys that are preferred by every girl are those sets with many pieces of kitchen or of furniture made especially for them. They feel like they have the freedom to work exactly like their mother but with their own things.

Children’s curiosities about toys

Sometimes, children like to put their own mark on their toys. Girls, more than boys like to draw or paint their dolls. When something like this happens, parents feel that their children destroyed the toy and they punish the kid. Thinking deeper, little girls didn’t have a bad intention. They felt inspired and wanted to improve the way the doll looked before. It is not good to punish children when they painted or disassembled a toy because this means that they were curious and wanted to discover the unknown. The correct attitude would probably be to let them explore and choose if it is wrong to make changes with their things or not. It would be very helpful to talk and see which their purpose was. An angry attitude can lead to misunderstandings and can limit their imagination and creativity. Communication is the key of success.

Toys as rewards

If parents want to educate their children and succeed in teaching them many things, they can use toys as a reward when they do something very well. Parents can pay attention to what their kids like to play and what are their favourite toys and make them surprises by offering them new toys. They would be motivated and would repeat to do good things. Using this strategy, children will have good performance in school and in society in general.