It is commonly known that ecigarettes are a good alternative to regular cigarettes, many experts claim, because they can help you quit smoking regular cigarettes. In order to benefit from the best results, you need to ensure that you buy your e-cig from a reliable and professional provider and that the eliquid you choose is of high quality only. However, keep in mind that simply buying top quality products is not enough, because you also have to ensure they are maintained in top condition, so here are some tips and tricks to help you with this matter.

The eliquid should not run too low

One important thing you have to take care of in the case of e-cigs is to ensure that the eliquid does not run below the holes that are found in the atomizers. The reason is quite simple: the atomizer will be unable to draw in the necessary amount of eliquid and chances for dry burn to occur significantly increase, which eventually leads to burning the atomizer out. On the other hand, overfilling with eliquid will lead to flooding the clearomizer.

Maintain the battery terminal clean

It is important to remember that dirty terminals can actually affect the ecigarette’s performance or in some cases, they are unable to connect with the clearomizer. It is recommended to clean the terminal and the end of the clearomizer by simply using a cotton bud. Bonus tip: in case you notice that the battery is not able to connect with the terminal, one possible reason might be that the latter has been pushed in. Use a wooden toothpick and using gentle moves, try to pull it out.

Store it properly

The way in which you store your ecigarette can expand or shorten its lifespan. In order to use it for as long as possible, you should not store the e-cig on its side or upside down, because otherwise, the eliquid can actually travel towards the holes on the clearomizer, which eventually leads to leakage. You should store the e-cig upright and away from water, direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Maintain both the atomizer and the clearomizer clean

It is highly important to keep the atomizer and the clearomizer clean, because this helps your e-cig lasts longer. In order to clean them, you should first remove the clearomizer from battery, and check whether you can take the mouthpiece and the atomizer apart. Then, wash the pieces with hot, not boiling water. Leave them to dry out for at least 24 hours, after which you can use the ecigarette again. If you want to speed up the process, you can place these pieces in dry rice, since this way moisture will be absorbed a lot faster.

Take care of the batteries

Experts recommend always leaving some charge in the batteries, because this can help extend their life. What is more, it is important to check the batteries every time before going on long journeys for instance and also to keep them away from high temperatures during the journey.