When having a little daughter you find difficult to style her hair in a different way every day. We all know that children get bored quickly, so she will definitely want a new hairstyle soon, and you have to look for new ideas. Also, girls like accessories, but some of them are expensive, and you know it is not worth to spend your money on an accessory she will not wear more than one or two times. So all you have to do is to buy different colours of hair bow grosgrain ribbon, and take a look online to see what options you have when it comes to styling your daughter’s hair with ribbons.


Halo braids are just beautiful

You might have admired halo braids, but if you want to style your daughter’s hair in this way, then you should bring it a little colour. You should check her outfit, and according to the colours used for her clothes to choose a ribbon in a matching shade and to twist it through her braids. It will definitely be a hit at school, and all her friends and colleagues will admire her.

Make a headband with ribbon

You might have tried this look, but you had difficulties in keeping the ribbon in place. And you know that it will not be comfortable for your daughter to arrange her headband all day long, because it keeps falling from her head. There is a secret for a beautiful ribbon headband, you have to glue on the stripe of fabric a plastic headband, and you can be sure in this way it will remain in place.

Ribbon bows

Let’s face it, little girls just love bows, and when using ribbons as hair accessories, you have the possibility to style them bows every day. One way of wearing ribbon bows is to style her hair half-up, half-down and to place a small ribbon bow on the top side. Also, you can style her hair in a high pony and to tie it with a ribbon bow. This hairstyle is perfect for a hot summer day, and you have the possibility to use a different colour of ribbon every day. In addition, you can allow you daughter choose the ribbons, because many of them are printed with beautiful models, and they will find thrilling to choose their own hair accessories. Ribbons offer you many possibilities when it comes to styling your daughter’s hair without spending a fortune on accessories.